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Managing for Excellence



Productivity - the buzzword of this generation - has given rise to a crisis in management.  Can the managers of today meet the need for increased productivity and increased quality? If so, how soon?  LEADING IN THE 21ST CENTURY has the answers managers need to set up programs that will help them gain an edge on competition - through emphasis on excellence at every level of the organization.  It will insure that both the individual and the organization consistently achieve high level performance.




Through LEADING IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Managing for Excellence participants will:


              Be more productive in their work

              Learn to manage themselves and others for optimum individual and work group performance

              Use performance, objectives and reviews to set up a quick workable plan of attack on internal problems

              Be able to create and maintain effective work times

              Understand what makes people perform the way they do

              Learn how to enhance work styles and respect individual differences




               What it means to LEAD IN THE 21ST CENTURY?

              The dangers and the opportunities

              Leading by influence -the only thing that matters!

              Your leadership report card - Are you a boss or a leader?

              Utilizing work styles to maximize job performance

              Analyzing personal traits and job demands to bring out the best in others

              Utilizing practices to sustain optimal performance in the areas of statesmanship (working through others), entrepreneurship (obtaining results), and innovation (generating new ideas)

              Putting your best foot forward

              Taking aim and taking stock - performance objectives and performance reviews that improve job performance

              Understanding performance barriers, improve strengths and minimize weaknesses

              Leadership skills to bring out the best in work group performance

              Positive versus negative group membership role

              Personal mission developing a clear sense of purpose that can be aligned with that of the organization

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